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The White Stripes, “Under Great White Northern Lights”

I like to collect live records. There was a time when I used to loathe live records because it never brought the full concert experience home. I’m also talking about back in the 90s. Yes, I know I’m likely dating myself and at 23 I’m probably too young to say this, but the quality of music and recording it has come a long way from those first live records I used to buy and listen to in the 90s. It seems that in the past 5 years quality for live recordings has gone up and for the better. Bands are picking good filmmakers or learning how to do it themselves, and fans couldn’t be happier. They get to see their favorite bands on a more personal level, and it becomes a memento of a time the fan and the band shared together, especially for those fans who went to the show that was recorded. It captures a moment in time that will last forever for certain people, like me who love this kind of thing. But back to my review.

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