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Of Mice & Men Review

wpid-of_mice_and_men_album_cover-g85zkzncwr3g.jpgWhen band members leave to start their own bands, usually the result is something completely different than what the originating band was doing. This is why we usually see bands breaking up because of creative differences, and then multiple bands appear from the smoldering wreckage and become hit or miss groupings. Austin Carlisle (formerly of Attack Attack) decided to step out and start another band, going by the name Of Mice & Men, named after the novella. What is not surprising in the least is that Carlisle’s band is not that far off from what Attack Attack is. In fact, some may even venture to say the band takes what Attack Attack does and made it infinitely better. Sticking with the hardcore/screamo style, the debut self-titled album takes a very over-done scene genre and improves it ten-fold. Continue reading