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Starbucks Writing #1

This may be the beginning of a series I write at Starbucks. Let me know what you think about it in the comments, and I may continue to write more like this, throwing my music knowledge in as well.

Starbucks tends to have a deep amount of inspiration for me. One of the main reasons I haven’t visited one in so long is because of a lack of money. But every once in a while I’ve got an extra $5 to throw into a caramel macchiato or a chai and spend an hour at the place. I’ve tended to only go out if I’m with people, just to avoid that feeling of being alone. But in the past few months that feeling has changed. I’ve been keeping to myself more, watching what I say, and reflecting inward.

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Through Windows

“I’ve watched my life through windows…”

Deas Vail is a little band from Russellville, Arkansas, and have been one of my favorite bands since I heard their debut All The Houses Look The Same in 2005. An interesting fact, their name is from both Latin and French, meaning “Humble servant of God”.

I say all this to explain the name of this blog. For years, I feel like I have lived my life inside of something, inside of my family, inside of my own mind, and never trying to live outside of those walls that have always been there, even if I never saw them before. Sometimes, at high points in my life, I’ll have seen my life through a window of that wall, longing for what lays on the outside. In the past year, God has spoken and acted in my life in ways I never thought possible. Through wanting more in life at a Bible college in Pennsylvania, to a struggle-filled summer of fear and doubt, and arriving at a tiny music college to study the art of doing music business correctly, God has walked with me, and carried me during the times I felt I couldn’t go on.

I’m starting this blog to show my life outside those windows, the life I saw through windows of my old life. What you’ll see here won’t always been intense. It won’t always be amazing. What you’ll see here is how I feel about music, what drives me in it, my thoughts on both the music industry and albums as they’re released, and a whole bunch about my passions for it all.

I hope people will read this, and that people will appreciate (or disagree with, if they will) the things I talk about here. And if no one reads it, at least I know I’m doing what God has called me to do.

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