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Andy Stanley, “Enemies of the Heart”

Brief Review

This book took me a while to finally get to once I ordered and received it, and I definitely thought it would be worth the wait. Unfortunately, like a majority of Christian “self-help” books out there, it takes quite a while for author Andy Stanley to get to his main points. There are at least four to five chapters before Stanley even dives into what he considers the first major topic. These chapters are chock full of sometimes needless stories that produce a clever little antidote on the Christian life. Stanley even at one point refers to himself as a “professional Christian.” I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time understanding what that means.

As a college student, without a wife or family, it was hard for me to grasp at times because Stanley consistently refers to antidotes like the pride of the father when he sees his son play in the all star game for pee-wee baseball. Obviously this book was not meant for someone like me, but going through, it tended to start to make sense where he was going.

Overall I wasn’t impressed with this book, and I also wasn’t “changed” after reading it as so many others tend to say about some of the author’s books. I know my opinion will be different compared to most readers, but I don’t tend to get much out of the generalizations that Stanley tends to make.