Starbucks Writing #3

Have you ever listened to a song, or an artist, and had it hit you in a completely new way, and give you a completely new countenance for the day? That happened to me today.

I’ve been working (or rather, haven’t been working) on my senior project iPhone app idea, and I’ve been hitting a lot of roadblocks that I’m not accustomed to dealing with. I haven’t been able to write out my idea and plans for weeks, and then I just took a day and wrote. My first point of this post: When writer’s block hits, one way to overcome it is to forget about editing, forget about grammar, and forget about spelling. Just write. Don’t think, just write. That’s how a rough draft begins. I grew up in school never writing drafts. I hated it, with every fiber of my being. Why in the world do I have to write the same paper 5 times for an English class? I would write the paper, then edit it four times, and didn’t think anything more of it.

As college continued, I learned more of the importance of writing drafts. Then I had a good 8 months where I didn’t write anything. No reviews, no blog, nada. When I was thoroughly frustrated with myself, I took a day and wrote. This happened the other day when I was working on my app idea. I knew what needed to be done, but I had been looking at it wrong. I finally just sat down and wrote whatever came to mind about the subject. And it got done.

That brings me to how today changed. I’d been having a bit of an average day, working at Spin Street and dealing with Memphians wasn’t the best thing to be doing on a Friday, but I was getting paid. It wasn’t super busy, but it wasn’t dead slow. A steady pace kept me going for six hours, and then I was done. I got home and discovered a friend had posted a link for a band. I checked them out, and was amazed by the musical talent and creativity of such a simplistic artist.

Bellarive is out of Orlando, Florida, and they are a new breed of worship band. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m very picky about worship and can’t stand a good bit of Christian music these days due to the cheesy aspect and the fakeness of many record labels and even artists. However, this isn’t the point of this post. I discovered a new artist, simply from a friend sharing it with me, and it radically changed my average work day into new ploughing ground for my current project. It is simply amazing how such simple words in a song can change the way you view everything at one moment.

It’s so beautiful how only You can satisfy this heart.

For You will always be the life I need.

We sing, sing it out, we sing it loud.

For Love has found us.

This broke me to my core. How beautiful it is for us to realize that only Christ can satisfy our every desire. For years I’ve been filling my heart with false things, terrible things, even good things, when the only thing that will fill it completely is Him. It is as simple as this.

Now I’m off to watch and analyze The Social Network for the 10th time to bring out my inspiration for this app project. Go buy the EP, by the way. $6 is nothing.

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