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Review: Switchfoot, “Hello Hurricane”

switchfoot, hello hurricaneWhile I may be biased with this review, I understand that every band has flaws. There are no bands out there, anywhere, that will make a record that is without error or without songs that certain fans aren’t going to enjoy. That said, I jump into my most anticipated record of the year: Hello Hurricane.

Hello Hurricane is the band’s first release free of any record label, debuting off of their own imprint Lowercase People Records. Overall it is their seventh album, and the band has come out and said they’re planning on releasing a total of four records in the next coming years, starting with Hello Hurricane. Typically, Switchfoot gears towards materialism and becoming something bigger than yourself, but this record is different on so many levels. Hello Hurricane is a journey of pure love, emotion, and heartache for more in this life. Many people wondered that maybe the band would break up due to the immense success of lead singer Jon Foreman’s foray into a solo act and the start of Fiction Family, his side project with Nickelcreek’s Sean Watkins. But on this new album, new light shines onto a band that has been through it all, and has come out victorious. Continue reading