Review: Muse, “The Resistance”

Muse, The ResistanceMuse is one of those bands that pretty much anyone who’s heard of them, is a fan. Yeah, I’ve met plenty of people who don’t really get into the whole brit-rock/electro scene, but let’s face it: When you go on a world tour with only four full length albums under your belt by yourself and you sell out (90,000 tickets) the 8th largest stadium in the world, some people are obviously listening. Muse hasn’t blown up too much in the United States until only recently, with partial credit going to their contributions to both current Twilight movie soundtracks.

The band’s most accessible recording (in my opinion) is their previous album, Black Holes & Revelations. This new album, The Resistance, is three years in the making and seems like another venture into the same style that made them more accessible last album. A bit more simplistic lyrical content (“Uprising”), gang vocals that work perfect for their live show, and the ballad or two (“Guiding Light”), along with some rockers thrown in. It’s quite the standard Muse recording, with a few exceptions. Maybe the biggest difference is that the album has an iconic symphony that clocks in altogether at about twelve minutes, in three parts. Some fans would think that because of Muse’s nature that the symphony would be a full-on guitar onslaught with massive amounts of drum loops and all the bells and whistles that we’re used to hearing from the band. But to Matt Bellamy’s credit, the three tracks at the end the album are just that: a symphony. Violins, some drums, and dominant piano make for quite the interesting listening experience, but of course they contain a certain Muse element that only the band can bring.

Knowing the band, they likely have something set for the Resistance tour that will see this symphony in all its glory. Another interesting song is “I Belong To You” which contains a section at the end in which Bellamy sings the song in perfect French. The French title of the song translates, “My Heart Opens With Your Voice”. Overall, The Resistance is, in parts, as accessible as their previous record, and will likely turn even more US fans onto Muse. Let the British invasion continue! Star Rating: 4 out of 5

    • sob
    • October 31st, 2009

    have a look at this Muse’s new album cover in STOP MOTION 🙂
    please rate it and comment if you like
    and also spread to others about this video
    love music, love muse 🙂

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