Review: Dead By Sunrise, “Out Of Ashes”

Dead By Sunrise, "Out Of Ashes"While some of us have been eagerly awaiting the next installment to the Linkin Park saga, vocalist Chester Bennington has been playing gigs on the side with his new side-project Dead By Sunrise. Some may be familiar with Julien-K, an industrial/electronic band that got recognized on the first Transformers soundtrack a couple years ago. Basically, Dead By Sunrise is what Julien-K becomes when Chester sings lead vocals with the rest of the band. While working diligently on the next LP recording, Bennington and the boys put together their first album, titled Out of Ashes.

Immediately you’ll recognized Chester’s impressive singing voice, and how he’s not straining as much as he usually seems to do when he’s performing with Linkin Park. The Dead By Sunrise album has a certain Minutes To Midnight feel, especially many of the ballads. There’s a certain harder rock feel than the ballads from LP’s previous effort. I was expecting more technical and electronic sounds in the DBS album, but the rock that is presented works for the band. A few standout tracks include the current single “Crawl Back In” which is probably Bennington’s most reaching vocal track, screaming included. “Fire” is a solid intro to the album, while the three hardest songs on the album (“Inside of Me”, “My Suffering”, and “Condemned”) don’t clock in at much over two and a half minutes. Shortness aside, the tracks are solid and have a certain Linkin Park feel, like a b-side from Minutes To Midnight, without Mike Shinoda singing backup.

Bennington proves himself to be an even better vocalist than he lets on, and it will be impressive to see him add some Dead By Sunrise elements into the next Linkin Park record, which is bound to happen. To be honest, it’s odd to see such an established front-man take on another persona, but Bennington pulls it off pretty well. Some of the songs can take on a rather monotonous tone, like “Give Me Your Name” which is too long for its own good, while “End Of The World” has a great synth-rock beat, proving to be one of the best tracks on the 13-track album. Even if you’re not a Linkin Park fan, this release is one to check out and give a chance.

Star Rating: 4 out of 5


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