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Review: Muse, “The Resistance”

Muse, The ResistanceMuse is one of those bands that pretty much anyone who’s heard of them, is a fan. Yeah, I’ve met plenty of people who don’t really get into the whole brit-rock/electro scene, but let’s face it: When you go on a world tour with only four full length albums under your belt by yourself and you sell out (90,000 tickets) the 8th largest stadium in the world, some people are obviously listening. Muse hasn’t blown up too much in the United States until only recently, with partial credit going to their contributions to both current Twilight movie soundtracks. Continue reading


Review: David Crowder Band, “Church Music”

DCB, Church MusicWorship music is a touchy subject with me, usually because so many bands and artists tend to take the name of “worship” and throw it on what they do, while many others within the CCM industry perform the cheesy, bland music that we hear on the Christian radio stations on a daily basis. Every once in a while, though, one or two bands actually come out with music that impresses me, especially in the worship genre. David Crowder Band have constantly been a driving force in Christian worship music, pushing the envelope with every album they put out. Continue reading

Article: Gettin’ High On Music

The BeatlesOver the past year or two, as a music critic, I have expanded the amount of music I listen to, and ultimately, my music collection. I’ve been listening to a little bit of everything over the years, but now I can especially say that I have listened to a lot of what this world has to offer, music-wise. There is still a lot that I haven’t discovered, but something I’ve begun to really dive into is the earlier decades of music, primarily listening to a lot of The Beatles, Ryan Adams (and the Cardinals), Nirvana, and others. Rather than write reviews of these artists and their many albums, I decided I would write a bit on what their music has meant to me in the past few years. Continue reading

Review: Dead By Sunrise, “Out Of Ashes”

Dead By Sunrise, "Out Of Ashes"While some of us have been eagerly awaiting the next installment to the Linkin Park saga, vocalist Chester Bennington has been playing gigs on the side with his new side-project Dead By Sunrise. Some may be familiar with Julien-K, an industrial/electronic band that got recognized on the first Transformers soundtrack a couple years ago. Basically, Dead By Sunrise is what Julien-K becomes when Chester sings lead vocals with the rest of the band. While working diligently on the next LP recording, Bennington and the boys put together their first album, titled Out of Ashes. Continue reading

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