Review: Thousand Foot Krutch, “Welcome To The Masquerade”

TFK, Welcome To The MasqueradeThousand Foot Krutch has made a decent name for themselves within the CCM industry, and also within the rock scene in general. Nearly all their albums since the ever-popular Phenomenon back in 2003 have garnered stadium and arena-size hits, and despite lead vocalist Trevor McNevan’s constant schedule, the band continues to release albums at a steady rate, and to decent acclaim. Their latest venture, Welcome To The Masquerade has been promised by the band as some of their best material ever, but does it quite live up to that claim?

With a seemingly useless introduction titled “The Invitation”, the album gives off a feel right from the beginning that we’re about to venture into something new for TFK. What results is pretty much what we’ve come to expect from the rock group, but the band takes their sound to a new level. While it’s clear on many tracks that this is the same band we’ve been listening to for years, there are better melodies, more thought-provoking lyrical content, and risks taken more than usual. Production is tighter on all the heavier tracks as well, such as “E For Extinction” where Trevor harkens back to some of the fast lyrical delivery that made TFK stand out way back when. Other tracks, like catchy title track, and arena-ready “Fire It Up” are certain TFK staples, while the band doesn’t fail at bringing in slow tracks.

Songs like “Watching Over Me” explore a man reaching out to God after he’s seemingly tried everything else, and “Look Away” will remind fans of something that could have been featured on an FM Static album. Trevor’s vocals have improved even more on the TFK ballads, which make for a much better listening experience this time around. “Forward Motion” is a solid piano-driven rock track, which is a step in a new direction for the band, and it definitely works on many levels. “Outta Control” is one of the band’s heaviest tracks in a long time, and is sure to be a fan favorite. Overall, TFK has proved they can bring the rock back, especially in a time when many other bands they share the radio stations and stage with are turning to a more pop feel. Welcome To The Masquerade is the better of a few of the new Christian rock albums this fall, and is one you shouldn’t pass up.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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