Article: Eyes Set To Kill, A Breath Of Fresh Air

Eyes Set To KillRemember when we had bands that tried their hardest to sound like another band? Just one band? You had bands growing up trying to sound like Relient K, or the main influence of a band is August Burns Red, and every track you hear sounds exactly like that band? I feel like we’ve gone way past this predicament. We’ve got band’s trying to combine all of their favorite bands into a new entity, something that they will love even more, or that fans will find more interesting than the previous music.

Enter Arizona-natives Eyes Set To Kill. Ranging in styles from metalcore to screamo to alternative metal, this five-piece proves to be a mix of some very diverse acts. One minute sounding like hardcore giants As I Lay Dying, the band immediately switches to a melodic Evanescence sound. Other moments on their debut, Reach and their new album The World Outside, due out June 2, the band can have full-force hardcore in place, and you throw all of these things together to create something that some of us might ultimately deem original. Originality in hardcore and metal music is often hard to come by, and we seem to be stuck in a generation of new metal bands that constantly sound the same, even down to the same kind of melodies. Eyes Set To Kill seems to be a breath of fresh air in this time of copy-cats and rip-offs.

The band is quite unique in members, as well. With a female lead vocal who also plays lead guitar and keyboards (Alexia) and her sister (Anissa) playing bass, I have to give credit where credit is due. It isn’t easy for people of the female persuasion to make it very far in this genre, but the band has definite potential. Their new album is littered with piano interludes and fantastic instrumentation that will be a pleasing sound to anyone’s ears, right before the crunching guitars come in and assault your eardrums, like on “Risen”. The finale of their new album showcases slow piano along with beautiful lead vocals from Alexia, providing a soothing end to the onslaught that is The World Inside. It may not be the hardest thing you’ll hear all year, but talent is definitely shown throughout both albums this small band has released.

For an indie band, these guys (and girls) have quite a lot going for them. You can see them on tour this summer on the New Nu Metal Tour, featuring headliners Sky Eats Airplane, along with hardcore acts In Fear And Faith and The Word Alive. The World Inside releases June 2, 2009. Be sure to check and for more information.

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